This is TRISTAN, the band's        landlord/roadie.

Thats SHEILA, their manager.

Meet SYDNEY, BONNIE, and STYX. Members of the brand new
kid-rock band, Trick Candle.

Fresh ten years out of college, three members of a former punk rock band, Sydney, Bonnie and Styx, try to find success as children’s entertainers in New York City. Together, the band realizes they no longer have the following or the promise they once had in college. Enter Sheila, their former band-mate from college who has since launched a wildly successful business called Shakin’ it with Sheila, managing children’s entertainers. The three ladies adapt their punk lifestyle to the world of children’s entertainment; full of precocious and tyrannical children, magicians; eccentric upper-east-side aristocrats; and crazy-cat- ladies.